Pah Leurat Community Library

Exterior view, August 2000

The Pah Leurat Community Library is located on the temple grounds in the village of Pah Leurat, where it provides educational resources and serves as a community learning center. The first story was built by Inside Thailand and Global Routes in the summer of 1998.

The second story was built by Inside Thailand and Global Routes in the summer of 1999.

Exterior view, August 2003

Due to budget constraints, the original structure was built with a flat roof which, despite all best efforts, leaked enough to render the second floor unsuitable for books and computers.

In the wet summer of 2003 we added a pitched roof made of blue, fiber-cement tiles on welded steel rafters. The second floor is now absolutely dry and also much cooler than before. It will soon become the new home of the ever-expanding Brian Brazier Computer Lab.

Interior view, first floor, August 1999

From its inception, this project was conceived and managed by Mac and Boosaba Bakewell, who in 1993 collected over a ton of English language books from donors in Santa Barbara, California. In addition to a new TV and VCR, some two thousand dollars worth of Thai-language books have been donated by the Rural Thailand Education Foundation, Arthur Weiss, Chairman.


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